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1. Rubber string waist trainer combined with hip lifting shapewear pants to lift hips and control tummy. All in one step design.
2. Front middle high-qualified YKK zipper and internal single eye and hook closure design, which is strong and durable, and easy to put on and take off.
3. The shapewear pants stitched with the back single eye and hook closure of easy to fix and remove the waistband.
4. These will have 2 pieces of fabric that overlap to provide a discrete opening between the legs for ease of use when using the restroom.
5. The shapewear pants have boned with the waist side rubber string design to prevent the rolling edges. This design provide stable effects.
6. Reasonable cutting process and double-layer combination of the lower part of the hip to enhance the hip line and create peach buttocks.
7. Winding wear with the rubber string waist trainer, it can be adjusted at will to fit the body curve. It is comfortable and suitable,tight but not strangulated, and it is suitable for all figure types.
8. Rubber string waist trainer: It is made with natural rubber string and high-quality polyester silk. It is elastic and stable,and not easy to deformation. It can provide a strong shaping effect for your waist and abdomen.
Shapwear pants: mesh and skin-friendly fabric patchwork,which are light,breathable and effective.
9. Shaping the waist line, lifting the hips, creating sexy peach buttocks for you.
Constant wear can get a slim waist, a flat abdomen, beautiful buttocks, and a perfect hourglass figure.
Garment Care:
Material composition : Shapewear pants material composition: 70% nylon + 30% spandex
Waist trainer material composition: 35% latex+ 65% polyester;
Cold Hand Wash Separately

Size Chart
MT220007 Size Chart
Size US Waist Hip
Inches CM Inches CM
XS 2-4 23.6-26 60-66 33.1-35.4 84-90
S 4-6 26-28.3 66-72 35.4-37.8 90-96
M 8-10 28.3-30.7 72-78 37.8-40.2 96-102
L 12-14 30.7-33.1 78-84 40.2-42.5 102-108
XL 16-18 33.1-35.4 84-90 42.5-44.9 108-114
XXL 18-20 35.4-37.8 90-96 44.9-47.2 114-120
3XL 20-22 37.8-40.2 96-102 47.2-49.6 120-126
4XL 22-24 40.2-42.5 102-108 49.6-52 126-132
5XL 24-26 42.5-44.8 108-114 52-54.3 132-138
6XL 26-28 44.9-47.2 114-120 54.3-56.7 138-144